How to prepare for surgery

There are some important guidelines to follow for the orthopedic surgeries Dr. Nicola performs. He and the staff will provide detailed instructions personalized to each patient. As a general rule for all surgical patients:

  • No food or drink after midnight before the surgery
  • Discuss with Dr. Nicola and his staff about medications you take
  • Bring flat sole, slip-on shoes, and comfortable, loose clothing
  • Remember that you’ll need to remove your contacts during surgery if you have them
  • Don’t bring valuables with you

Don’t take any diabetic medication the day of surgery. If your heath changes before surgery, let the doctor and staff know (colds, fever, etc.).

Directly before surgery, you will be assessed by a nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist.

The Week Before Surgery

Stop taking herbal remedies, aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication about seven days prior to surgery. If you’re taking a blood thinner, make sure to consult with Dr. Nicola about it.


Successful joint replacement or surgery leads to reduced pain and better function. Talk with Dr. Nicola about your expectations for your specific condition. Some patients develop unrealistic expectations, even though knee surgery is generally very successful.