What to expect after surgery

This will depend on the type of surgery you’ve received. Less invasive procedures require less recovery time.

Typically, a patient is wheeled to a recovery room directly after surgery, where they will stay for 1-2 hours. For more invasive procedures, patients will then be moved to a hospital room to stay overnight.

Some procedures allow a patient to be released the same day, after careful precautions are made to make sure the patient is ready for home.

What about physical therapy?

For knee replacement, physical therapy is important for helping you regain strength and function in the very important knee joint. You’ll find it’s hard to do much without your knees!

Recovery is better when a patient follows the surgeons instructions. These instructions will involve details about caring for the wound where the incision was made to operate on the knee. It also involves diet instructions, and exercise instructions.

Physical therapy will usually involve walking, and then transition into more regular household activities.

Normal Recovery Time

As you meet with Dr. Nicola in follow-up visits, he’ll explain about recovery times, and how you can aid yourself in recovery.

healthy knees post surgery