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New Report Finds 24 Million US Adults Are Limited By Arthritis

Simple, every day activities are hard for an increasing number of Americans and people in Idaho. Things like holding a cup, carrying a bag, or just walking down the street can be difficult for those suffering from arthritis.

There are more than 54 million adults in US who have arthritis, which causes pain, aching, swelling in the joints, and stiffness. That is about 1 in 4 adults, which is a staggering number. Of those millions, more than half are still in the workforce.

New findings from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that an increasing number of people with arthritis report that their activities are limited because of the disease. An estimated 24 million people, to be precise, are not able to comfortably do day-to-day activities because of arthritis. Many aren’t physically active at all because of the disease.

Idaho Numbers

The CDC data shows that in Idaho…

  • 309,000 adults have arthritis
  • 137,000 adults are limited by arthritis
  • It is more prevalent in women
  • 31% with arthritis are inactive
  • 8% are ages 18-44

What Can Be Done?

Research shows that physical activity can be an effective way to ease pain and reduce the symptoms of aching, swelling and stiffness. Those with arthritis should try to be as active as possible.

Unfortunately, about a third of people with arthritis report that they do not do any physical activity during their leisure time, the CDC reports.

Other Factors

Certain chronic conditions like obesity and heart disease are harder to manage because of arthritis. This is problematic because half of adults with heart disease or diabetes have arthritis, and a third of obese adults have arthritis.

Source: CDC’s National Health Interview Survey